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The Olivia Fürst Collaborative Law and Conflict Mediation Firm is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. With a friendly atmosphere the firm’s staff provides a caring and human approach which respects the individuality of each engaged party, as well as the particular needs of each family. The firm provides the support and guidance needed to meet challenges and resolve conflicts by reaching a consensus in a confidential and non-polarizing manner. 

Olivia Fürst

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Olivia Fürst is a Collaborative lawyer and Conflict Mediator. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from PUC-Rio and a postgraduate degree in International Relations. She is experienced in civil litigation and family law since 2002. In 2009 she studied Mediation at the Mediare Institute -  Dialogue and Decision Processes, and soon started working with mediation. She was an observer and mediator in the Air France Flight 447 Indemnity Chamber, an elective negotiation and mediation program which compensated the victims’ families of the airplane crash (2009-2011). Since this experience, Olivia has dedicated herself exclusively to the peaceful methods of conflict management.


In 2013 she was received the Innovare Award X Edition in the Advocacy category with the article, “Collaborative Practices in Family Law”. In 2014 she co-founded the Brazilian Institute of Collaborative Practices (IBCP) where she currently works as its executive director. Olivia is also President of the Collaborative Practices Commission of OAB/RJ as well as mediation supervisor, teacher and coordinator of Mediare’s Collaborative Practices’ Sector. As a senior mediator she participates on the panels of mediators of Mediare, the Brazilian Center of Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) and the law firm Faleck & Associates (São Paulo). Olivia is a member of the Academy of Collaborative Professionals IACP and the Brazilian Institute of Family Law (IBDFAM). She is a teacher and guest lecturer and offers courses and workshops on Collaborative Practices through IBPC. She has published several articles in professional magazines and books. (Curriculum Lattes)

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